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Based in Narromine, NSW | Travelling Australia Wide.

A blurred black-and-white image of a person sitting and embracing their knees in a tiled space.
Real moments. Real emotion. Real life.

Are you missing
From your family story?

Time is fleeting

Amidst the sweet chaos of Mothering, you capture every moment and every milestone, but are you missing from the photos?

I know you’re there for it all. The laughter, the tears and everything in between. You’re being pulled in all directions, trying to juggle the to do list while still being the present Mumma you want to be.

Yet, sometimes you feel a little invisible, while you’re busy capturing your kid’s childhood, no one is capturing your role in it.

My documentary sessions celebrate love, connection and the beauty of your daily life. An honest record of life as it is. I want to freeze this moment in time for you, creating a visual love letter for future you.

An anchor to bring you back to this time and place. A soulful reminder of who you are, where you belong and that you are infinitely loved – exactly as you are.

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A woman and a toddler playing with a string in a cozy living room, both laughing joyfully.

Family photos that are Unapologetically you

Documenting your world as it is

A family plays outside; a young boy kicks a soccer ball on a lawn, while two adults and another child watch and walk towards him.

Day in the life session

An immersive documentation of family life as you know it. A 4 hour documentary session either entirely at your home or beginning at home & venturing out.

Morning rhythm, family outing, evening wind-down and everything in between, I’ll be there to document the full range of interactions and emotions.

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A man kneeling assists a young child in a diaper with dressing in a cluttered room, in a black and white photo.

Story session

A 2 hour documentary session at you home. Telling your family story from the comfort of your space, on your own terms. These sessions are all about documenting real life, as it unfolds.

My approach is completely hands off, no directing prompting or posing. All you need to do is carry on with your normal daily rhythm & enjoy the time being in the moment together – I’ll take care of the rest.

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Black and white close-up of an adult and a child sitting in a bath, focusing on their overlapping arms and legs.

Raw motherhood session

An exploration of the complexities of Motherhood & Womanhood. Intimate, vulnerable & a little gritty, Raw Motherhood sessions are an unapologetic & powerful celebration of fierce love, imperfection and feminine power.

A 1 hr session in your home or on location. I will guide & gently direct you through a slow & relaxed session while still retaining my signature documentary feel.

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Mumma, Photographer, Dreamer, Storyteller
Natasha Grech sipping coffee while sitting in the doorway of a camper van parked in a wooded area, sunlight filtering through the trees.

Meet your family documentary Photographer

Lover of being barefoot, creating, growing & slow mornings. Seeker of simplicity, sunshine, fresh air and cups of tea.

When I’m not creating soulful family photographs, or chasing my wildlings – you’ll find me watching the sky, dancing in the kitchen or on my yoga mat. Finding the magic in this wonderfully imperfect life.

I’m unwavering in the belief that documenting real life is the single most important way we can make a meaningful record of our family.

Your family photographs should be wholly, undeniably, unapologetically you – however that looks..

Meet Tash


“The beautiful photo’s we received from our ‘morning in the life’ session with Tash were so much more than updated family photo’s. They captured honest and real moments in our family life that reflect the memories I wanted to treasure from that time in our lives.”

View PortfolioA black and white photo of a mother twirling her young child in a cozy, sunlit living room with sliding doors and a dark wooden floor.

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Newborn, Family, Motherhood

A family gathers in a modern kitchen, with two adults watching three children who are eating and interacting at a kitchen island.
A woman and a toddler play with a garden hose on the grass in a backyard, smiling and enjoying the spraying water.
A woman holding a toddler stands next to two children swinging on a rustic swing set in a rural area shaded by trees, during sunset.
Children playing with water sprayers on a sunny day outside a house, with water droplets illuminated by sunlight.
A family with two young children gathered around a dining table, interacting affectionately with the father assisting the toddler while the mother watches.
A woman and a toddler playing in a sunny yard in front of a house.
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Here's what you can expect

How I tell your unique story


Book your session online. I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out to help me understand the story of you. I love learning about your family, your day to day life and what moments you cherish most.

Get to know each other

We’ll chat over the phone in the lead up to your session. This is a chance to really connect and dive deeper into your family story and understand what moments are most precious to you.


On the day of your session, I’ll join you in your home, mostly blending into the background but occasionally standing on your kitchen bench top, climbing over furniture and crouching in wardrobes to capture the natural, spontaneous moments of family life as it unfolds. It’s not as weird as it sounds, promise!

Freeze time. Relive moments. Pass down memories.