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About Natasha Grech

You will never have these moments back. This is your life, at this time and place. It is messy, pure, and chaotic. Beautiful, awkward, and defining all at once. It is full to the brim of love and joy and hope. This season of your life, it’s worth documenting.

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Mumma. Photographer. Dreamer, Storyteller.

A Motherhood & Family

Hey, I’m Tash!

As the Mumma of two wild boys, I noticed something was missing in our family photos—I was hardly in any of them.

It struck me how we mothers often document our lives, yet if you flipped through photo albums, you might not know we were there at all.

I realised that one day, my boys might look back and not see the full story. They wouldn’t remember all the things I did for them—those significant, often messy moments that go undocumented because we hesitate to show that side of ourselves.

I quickly learned that documenting our real life/chaos felt the most meaningful – and now, that’s how I run my sessions.

I document moments that are wholly and undeniably *you*.

Unposed, unprompted, unfiltered – for folk that aren’t afraid to be themselves. And, if that’s the kind of folk you are, you’re definitely my people. 

If there’s one thing I am certain about when it comes to Motherhood, it’s that neither you or your wildlings need to be perfect. There is endless beauty to be found in the chaos. Even on the toughest of days, it’s there, I think you feel it too.

While in the thick of it, some days it might be difficult to find the magic, but I think you and I both know that the future us will look back on this time and recognise these as the most incredibly beautiful days of our lives.

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Natasha Grech sipping coffee while sitting in the doorway of a camper van parked in a wooded area, sunlight filtering through the trees.
Freeze time. Relive moments. Pass down memories.


“Tash is a true professional. The moment she came to our place I immediately felt comfortable with her presence. As expected, photographing a newborn can be difficult and things don’t always go to plan, but this didn’t phase her at all and she was very patient during these periods. I would happily recommend Tash to anyone.”

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Here's what you can expect

How I tell your unique story


Book your session online. I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out to help me understand the story of you. I love learning about your family, your day to day life and what moments you cherish most.

Get to know each other

We’ll chat over the phone in the lead up to your session. This is a chance to really connect and dive deeper into your family story and understand what moments are most precious to you.


On the day of your session, I’ll join you in your home, mostly blending into the background but occasionally standing on your kitchen bench top, climbing over furniture and crouching in wardrobes to capture the natural, spontaneous moments of family life as it unfolds. It’s not as weird as it sounds, promise!

Documenting real life as it happens.
Pregnant woman in underwear petting a dog under a vine-covered pergola, with a rustic wooden crate beside the open door of a house.

Let go of everything you know about Family photography

Unpopular opinions

Your session doesn’t need to be in a golden field. You don’t need to wear neutral clothing. The best location to document your family is at home. AND you sure a shit don’t need to be posed & prompted to have incredible family photos.

Because although the world might be obsessed with appearances – I wish more of us realised: It’s less about how it looks and more about how it feels.

Let go of the idea of picture perfect, take off the mask & let your real story be told. That’s where the magic exists – unique to you, your values, rituals & how you choose to show up in this life.

I won’t be moved on that.

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Behind the Scenes

Real stories

Documenting your world
as it is

Everyday magic

I believe documenting the beauty of your everyday life, just as it is, is the most meaningful gift you can give your children.

Proving they are loved exactly as they are, that it’s ok to be themselves and not fit into a box.

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A black and white photo of a kitchen with three girls: one standing by the counter, another sitting atop the counter, and the third floating above the counter, all appearing pensive.