A woman holding a baby with blue eyes; both are partially in focus against a softly blurred background in a cozy room.

When your little love isn’t so little anymore.

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The magic doesn’t end with the newborn phase. It stays as your once tiny baby grows, as you grow together. There is no time limit

A woman holding a baby with blue eyes; both are partially in focus against a softly blurred background in a cozy room.
Real moments. Real emotion. Real life.

Believe me when I say: It’s not too late.

Family Documentary Photographer, Natasha Grech, on documenting your little love after the newborn days have passed.

If there’s something I’ve learned as a family documentary photographer, it’s that: Sometimes, for any number of reasons, capturing the magic of those early newborn days just doesn’t happen. The time passes in a hazy cloud of feeding, changing & not enough sleeping and, before you know it, days become months. Suddenly, your tiny new baby isn’t so tiny anymore and you never quite got around to booking that newborn session.

If you’re reading this
and it’s a familiar story..

I can bet the guilt has started creeping in (I know you feel it often now that you’re a Mother, welcome to the club) BUT, don’t despair Mumma, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

The magic doesn’t end with the newborn phase. It stays, as your once tiny baby grows – as you grow together. There is no time limit on the wonder of Motherhood. The magic, it’s always there, woven among the tiniest of details and the most exciting of milestones.

It’s there in the way you breathe him in, head dipped to meet his.

It’s in the way he looks up at you.

It’s written on her face as she giggles and as she settles onto your chest.

Believe me when I say, it’s not too late to document your not so tiny baby.

I was blessed with a glorious Summer morning spent at home documenting the love between this Mumma & her 5 month old son.

Five to eight months of age is a beautiful time to document that magic. Your babe’s personality really starts to shine as they’re busily marvelling at the world around them & figuring out how they fit into it. Rolling, babbling, smiling, laughing, sitting – but still only have eyes for Mumma, as they should ❤️

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